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Paris&Co and Co-creation Hub have signed a partnership agreement


On the occasion of Emmanuel Macron’s state visit to Lagos on the 4th of July, Paris&Co had the pleasure of signing a partnership agreement with Nigerian incubator Co-Creation Hub (CCH).

The purpose of the partnership is to facilitate startup exchanges between Paris and Lagos, Nigeria. Its ambition: to train entrepreneurs in the art of the pitch, give them exposure to the innovation ecosystems of the two capitals, meet key players and investors, and participate in major tech events.

Launched in 2011, the Lagos CCH is an innovation platform bringing together diverse individuals and organizations: entrepreneurs, NGOs and investors. Its goal is to foster the emergence of innovative technological solutions that address Nigeria’s social challenges. It is supported by the World Bank and the British Council. In addition, the CCH has an investment fund dedicated to projects with a strong social impact.  


The CCH is positioned as a living lab, a core network that drives the ecosystem, facilitates best practices between innovators and promotes the development of innovation in Nigeria. It provides experimentation and talent sourcing. It also plays an important role in mobilizing citizens, researchers, and innovators in Nigeria.


The CCH has carried out 27 technology experiments over the past 8 years on a variety of themes: governance, water supply and sanitation, transparent trade, training for the financial industry, education, health, etc.  “All these fields of expertise complement those of Paris&Co, to the benefit of our entrepreneurs”, concluded Jonathan Sinivassane, Business Director Africa.

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