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[#PORTRAIT] Hacking de l'hotel de ville 2017 - Meeting with Beyram Belhaj Amor, Co-founder of simple expert

Beyram Belhaj Amor is the Co-Founder of SIMPLE EXPERT, Speaking to Celsa Sorbonne (Paris&Co.) about his startup and the way it simplifies building websites and apps.

Belhaj Amor is a software engineer, who has a rich experience in building websites and mobile apps. Out of his experience, Belhaj Amor has noticed that most companies offering website and application services assume that clients have a minimum technical background whenever it comes to transforming their ideas into websites or apps, where it is not always the case. Especially that he has been in contact with many people with little or no technical and managerial experience, who needed help and a simple way to launch their products. By understanding the customers’ needs, he wanted to make things a lot easier and simpler by coming up with the idea of Simple Expert.

Simple Expert uses machine learning and new technologies in a systematic way, therefore everything that is not directly relevant to the client is being automated. Belhaj Amor said that they have designed a system using artificial intelligence to help clients describe their needs in a simple way and by relying on a network of contractors using a vetting process, they offer a stream of projects that are very similar, in order to offer an optimal quality with the right consultation.“We believe that our customers are not supposed to pay for the time we are understanding their needs, or preparing a proposal, that’s why the automated system is being used successfully”

Belhaj Amor said “This big event gives us the opportunity to meet people and start-up with passion about new technologies, especially that we are trying to work with different start-up and companies here in France and we are looking for interesting startups which can offer complementary products to our services” 

Belhaj Amor gave a few recommendations to people who would like to start up their own businesses by saying that it is quite normal to face challenges like any entrepreneur, sometimes you might need to change a few things or plans to adapt with your customers’ needs. He highlighted that bringing something really useful to customers take time. 

If you believe that there is a need or a real problem that you can find a solution to, by offering something unique with all the new technologies and opportunities we have nowadays, please do that, the world needs creative entrepreneurs” .

 Interview conducted by Alix Philippot Student and Natalie Haberlich, international advisor at CELSA Paris-Sorbonne 

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